I Wish We Met..

Dear Anita, after Ryan and Ini left your house on the first you met each other, they came straight to my house. When I heard the whole story, I praised and thanked God for everything. I was looking forward to meet you, since your home is so close to mine. A couple of weeks later , I got a call that you were in hospital with a stroke. My heart was broken (seems like I knew you). I cried and prayed, but in everything we allow God’s Will to be done. Your re-union with Ryan is certainly Divine from God. And I am glad you both found peace from God. You brought a great man  into the world – Ryan(John Brian Isaac), and I know you are very proud of that. Anita, rest in perfect peace and enjoy heaven, till we meet again.

God Bless and Much Love,

Augusta Izokun (Ryan and Ini’s Friend)