Anita – Someone to aspire to be like

I first met Anita when I joined Zonta (about 14 years ago), and I can absolutely say that she is truly someone who I aspire to be like every day.

A very fond memory I have with her is when I was pregnant (my first and only pregnancy with twins) – she was always so thoughtful and gentle. She was always asking how I was, how the babies were, how the appointments were going, etc. I have uploaded a picture from the Zonta Golf Tournament where she reached out to place her hand on my growing belly to include the twins in the picture (I had them about 4 weeks after that picture was taken).

When the girls finally arrived, she came to my house to visit me and meet the new babies. She brought a huge bag for them with her. Inside, she had her sister from England, hand-knit such incredible blankets, baby sweaters, little booties, bonnets for the girls – two of everything!
They were the most beautiful blankets I have ever seen – do delicate white with pink satin ribbons intertwined along the sides.

I was so touched that she would go to the effort of having this made specially for me and the babies, and would take the time to come over to visit with me. I continue to cherish the items and have them very carefully packed away with baby items for my girls (they’re now almost 11 years old).

Despite Anita’s quiet demeanor, her kind, caring and loving personality could be heard for miles. She was a solid rock, whose warm embrace could reach your soul.

She will be so missed by me and all who knew her.

May her memory be eternal.

Diane Stogiannes