“ I loved the article in the Spec by Jeff Mahoney and so happy you found each other.
I worked with Anita at Chedoke McMaster for many years. I was the manager of the IV Team. My area was not under her direct supervision but I always respected her. She was smart, both physically and mentally, kind and understanding.
I had an unhappy end to my career at McMaster but Anita and I had a mutual respect for each other. She came to my office on my last day and was very supportive to me and very complimentary to my work and accomplishments with the IV team. She remained loyal to her position but compassionate to me and my situation. I will never forget that and have always held a special place for her in my heart.
After reading the article and how you found her after so many years I felt I could relate somewhat. My brother had adopted 4 children. Twin girls and 2 boys. The twins found their birth mother when they were in their thirties. My brother was very supportive of their search. He died a short time after that. I wrote a letter to their birth mother and thanked her for her most difficult but unselfish decision to give those babies up for adoption. That gift provided him with the most precious treasure. Your story reminded me of that.
That is all except to thank you for setting up this web site and for allowing me the opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful women she was.”
Sincerely, Judy McNaughton
(Retired RN BScN)