God Bless My Guide and Mentor

I met Anita on a trip to Barbados with a group of common friends. I felt an immediate connection to her spirit. A few years later when my life took a difficult turn, Anita was immediately present as a guiding light. She offered comfort, guidance, and taught me the way of self care. She took me on my first Yoga Retreat to Kripalu. She walked by my side through the darkness and shared in my joy when the light re-emerged. She called me the week before her passing to share with me her story. She shared it in such a way as if it was a story she had been waiting her whole life to share; she knew the day would come, and she was prepared in her heart and soul. I have lost my guide and my mentor. I can only hope to pay it forward with as much love and grace as Anita did. I love you my friend. I will miss you deeply. Thank you for guiding me on the path to joy. xo