Honouring the Memory of Anita

Anita was a brilliant administrator, with the gift of leadership, a Champion of Chedoke Hospital, promoting the book, Chedoke: More than a Sanatorium & the annual Nurses’ Reunion, the Golden Oldies.
Anita & I began at Chedoke at the same time, September 1964. I first met Anita when called to visit her in her residnce at the Long & Bisby Building, on the death of her brother. Later i met her brother, Rev Dr Andrew Isaac, a distinguished minister in Toronto, who retired to Hamilton with his wife & attended Stewart Memorial Church. I had the joy later of meeting Anita’s mother, from St Kitts, a dynamic personality, who attained her 100th year.
After conducting the Sunday Ward Service at Chedoke, I would go down to Anita’s Church, Stewart Memorial, to preach the sermon. I thought that Anita would give the eulogy at my funeral, but this was not to be.
The last time I saw Anita was Saturday morning, 8 February, when she presided at a Congregational Meeting at Stewart Memorial, bringing inspiration & hope during difficult times.
The crowning events of her life were her marriage to Winston & the discovery of her son, Ryan, & two grand children. Awesome!
(Rev Dr) Francis Chisholm